Pet Concierge Service

Pineapple Pets’ Pet Concierge Service is your all-in-one pet care provider! Your pet deserves the absolute best and our team of pet care professionals is here to be more than just pet sitters and dog walkers. We are a full-service pet business!

Become a VIP Member TODAY!

Your pet deserves the 5-STAR treatment year-round, don’t you agree? With Pineapple Pets Concierge Service, your pet will receive the following:

Monday-Friday midday dog potty breaks and litter scooping

1-2 monthly drop-off to the vet or groomer (for regular vet check-up only) and must be scheduled in advance (Mon-Fri)

1-2 Pet Food Delivery (Mon-Thurs)

By signing up for Pineapple Pets’ Concierge Membership, you will save:

Time: by scheduling online!

Stress: no more waiting at the vet’s office for hours!

Energy: no more running to the store last minute for pet food!

This is a monthly-billed service. We will schedule your food delivery/appointment/pet visit upon payment. Visits must be scheduled by the 1st of the month. We are your pets’ one-stop pet care provider! Call 31-802-4037 or fill out our Contact Form to sign up TODAY!

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