How to walk your puppy in 5 easy steps:

  1. Always make sure you puppy is calm before putting the leash on her.
  2. Let the puppy experience the leash BEFORE taking her on her first official walk. Have the leash on her in the home and walk around with her for a few days. This way, the leash will be a comfortable experience.
  3. Always have the puppy sit and wait before leaving the front door. If the puppy pulls going out the door, turn around and restart the walk.
  4. Bring treats for your puppy when she follows a command (sit, stay, paw). She will associate the treats with the walk and leash.
  5. If she pulls: turn around gently and have the puppy walk by your side. When she does, give her a treat. DO NOT pull the puppy on the leash and if she is excited or pulling, wait until she is calm to continue the walk. You absolutely do not want the walk to be a fight, so please do not pull the leash. Allow the puppy to fix herself and/or use the, “Sit” command. Then continue the walk.

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Remember to be patient and that after walking regularly for a couple of weeks, your puppy will be used to it and you will notice a change for the better over the next several weeks. Consistency is key, and training on the walk only works if you put time and effort into it!

P.M. Routine:

After the walk and then some playing (inside or outside), your puppy will be hungry! Feed your puppy, then take him outside right away to go to the bathroom. Getting him used to a nighttime routine is very important at this time. Do you watch TV at night? Make sure your puppy knows that it is time to relax. A well-exercised dog will be much more focused on what you want him to do at night. Have a designated area for him to watch TV with you (please, not the couch!). This is a good time to teach him to lay on his dog bed or a specific area in the living room.

What about training my puppy to go to bed?

Once you go to bed, lead your puppy to his bed or crate. Using toys or treats in a great way to get him to like his spot for sleeping. If your new family member has to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, do not ignore his need to “go”. Him alerting you is a good sign he is trying to hold it to go outside to go potty. Please get up with him and praise him when he goes!

Repeat the daily routine everyday and be consistent.

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