Before we stuff ourselves stupid this Thanksgiving, let’s remember what we can leave for Fido after our November 27th eating contest. Despite these warnings:
No raisins, gravy, or fat trimmings. Yea, yea, yea. We GET it. So what CAN you feed your dog? Are any table scraps safe for Fido?
Please note:
Giving your dog Thanksgiving leftovers or table scraps should NOT be in place of his/her normal meal. Depending on the size of the dog, a few bites or small plate is fine. If you know your dog doesn’t do well with “new” foods, a family-filled dinner is not the best time to have Lucky try a new menu. If he or she comes begging for some of your dinner, here are a few things that are safe for most (unless allergic or intolerant) dogs:
Turkey with no skin or fat is fine. Just a small piece or a few bites in Fido’s food will make him a thankful puppy this holiday! Also, make sure there are no bones in the turkey piece you give to him.
Green Beans:
NO green bean casserole. Plain beans that are cooked without gravy and French Onions are ok for your pup. He might BEG for the gravy covered casserole, but please just don’t do it.
Cranberry Sauce:
A small amount of cranberry sauce is fine for dogs. Put a few teaspoons in a Kong and let her occupy herself while you enjoy a second (third?) helping of whatever.
What To Not Feed Your Dog This Thanksgiving:
Just don’t.
Do I need to explain this?
Does anyone like raisins?

Please keep in mind that you know your dog better than anyone else. Some dogs are very tolerant of new foods and can eat table scraps without any issues. Other dogs cannot eat ANYTHING other than their regular food. In order to have an all-around Happy Thanksgiving, don’t overfeed your four-legged friend!

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