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Dog Walking

Dogs LOVE to be outside and explore their surroundings! Dogs need exercise! Going on a walk is excellent for dogs’ physical and mental well being. Want to RELAX when you get home from a LONG day? Let us walk Fido for you during the day. Fido needs a potty break when you work long hours. Available Monday-Friday!

Pet Sitting

Going on vacation and wondering what to do for pet care? Are you apprehensive about taking your fur baby to a crowded kennel? Do you want your precious pet to stay at home in the comfort of his/her own environment? Vacation Visits include playtime, feedings (stick to the pet’s regular schedule), bringing in the mail/newspaper, and keeping to your pet’s daily routine. We recommend 2-3 visits per day for dogs and 1 visit for cats. Cats are checked on once a day (we do not do every other day checks), and dogs are visited AT LEAST 2x per day (if crated or special applications apply, 3x per day).

Overnight Visits

No kennels or boarding! Pets get to stay at home and ENJOY the comfort of their own environment! Do your pets sleep in bed with you? No problem! We will sleep with them or in a guest room! YOU get to come back from vacation and not worry about picking up Fido from the kennel. Your home is occupied for at least 10 hours overnight by a licensed and bonded staff member! Pets stay with their morning, evening, and sleeping schedules. Stress FREE! Parents will receive a “tucked-in” email each evening.

Specialty Services

Become a VIP Member TODAY! Your pet deserves the 5-STAR treatment year-round, don’t you agree? With Pineapple Pets VIP Program, your pet will receive the following: 1 pet visit or dog walk/per month 1 drop-off to the vet or groomer (for regular vet check-up only) and must be scheduled in advance (Mon-Thurs) 1 Pet Food Delivery (Mon-Thurs) Melbourne Fl Pet Sitter By signing up for your pet’s VIP program, you will save: Time: by scheduling online! Stress: no more waiting at the vet’s office for hours! Energy: no more running to the store last minute for pet food! This is a monthly-billed membership. We will schedule your food delivery/appointment/pet visit upon payment. Visits must be scheduled by the 1st of the month. Starts at $59/month for up to 2 pets

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Client Testimonials

A Paws-itively Wonderful Experience!

Hi Nicole. Our flights were late but we got home at midnight and all is well. Needless to say Woody was VERY HAPPY to se us! Thanks for doing a great job Linda, Guy, and Woody
Hi, Nicole. I wanted to let you know we arrived home safely. The dogs and the house looked great. Thanks for everything.Susan
Hi Nicole! Thank you so much for taking care of Roxy this past week! We just got home and Roxy seems very happy! We will call you again! Thanks!Teresa

Your Best Friend Deserves The Best!

Please ask about dog walking package prices. Can't wait to meet your pet!

  • Dog Walking

  • Starts at $20/walk
  • Monday-Friday
  • Private Walks
  • Exercise for Fido
  • Monthly Packages Available
  • Contact Us Today!
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  • Overnights

  • Starts at $90/night
  • 12 hours of service
  • Midday potty break included
  • Pet sleep where they are most comfortable
  • Nightly check-in email
  • No kennels or boarding
  • Contact Us
  • Pet Sitting

  • Starts at $25/visit
  • 1 visit/ day for cats
  • 3 visits/day for dogs
  • Restrictions Apply
  • Plan ahead for your next vacation!
  • Keep your pet at home while you are away
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